AMP carefully selected and appointed First Principles Constructors (FPC) as their design and build partner for this ambitious project.

Interim Case Study - Auckland Meat Processors

In April 2023 AMP embarked on one of the largest and most complex builds within the meat processing sector in New Zealand. They carefully selected and appointed First Principles Constructors (FPC) as their design and build partner for this ambitious project.

FPC were appointed on a lump sum fixed price design and build contract, with partial awards throughout the term of the project.

Key project deliverables:

1. Construction:

The design and build contract involves the modernisation and replacement of facilities with state-of-the-art processing equipment to increase efficiency and productivity, including the slaughter house, boning facility, engine room, chillers and general amenity areas.

The project also includes the demolition and re-instatement of stock yards, and a technically challenging repurposing of the Cabinet Ready Meats (CRM) facility.

2. Compliance and sustainability:

FPC are required to ensure compliance with all industry and environmental regulations and implement sustainable practices in the construction process
where possible and appropriate.

3. Safety:

FPC must maintain a safe working environment for all FPC team members, contractors and AMP staff.

Key project challenges to date:

1. Operational facility:

One of the most significant challenges is that the project is taking place within an existing operational meat processing site. There is a need to maintain ongoing production and smooth running of the processing business. The FPC project team are constantly finding solutions to minimise disruptions, downtime, and potential contamination risks. This requires meticulous planning and flexibility to adapt to new and unforeseen challenges.

2. Communication:

There are multiple stakeholders that require constant and clear communication. Having a clear understanding of who the stakeholders are, and when and how to communicate with them is a critical factor in the smooth running of the project.

3. Design and build complexity:

The project includes complex inground works, some of which is being undertaken in the absence of any existing site plans or drawings. The site team has been required to deal with numerous challenges including the removal of old asbestos pipes.

Key strategies for success:

1. Design and build approach: 

FPC delivers a full design and build approach which helps to ensure seamless collaboration between project managers, architects, engineers, and construction teams. This approach streamlines decision-making, improves communication and also reduces potential risks.

2. Long term partnerships:

FPC has partnered with a core team of independent engineers and architects including Stiles and Hooker, DLA Architects and Silvester Clark. We have delivered many world leading projects together with these experts across the dairy, meat and horticulture processing sectors. We have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget.

3. Our people:

The resourcing of large projects is a critical success factor. FPC is fully committed and has deployed highly experienced construction sector professionals to manage this project. Key personnel here

4. The right suppliers:

FPC is working alongside Frontmatec, the clients process contractor, who are supplying a world-leading customised automation system for AMP.

5. Safety protocols: 

FPC have stringent safety protocols with regular safety training sessions, safety updates and safety audits to ensure all workers are aware of and adhere to safety procedures. You can read about our award winning approach to safety here