Our Systems

We take a holistic view, utilising traditional safety methods and a ‘Safety Differently’ approach to engagement and collaboration, learning from and acknowledging when things go well, so these wins can be replicated.

Successful health and safety management is based upon a plan, do, check, review, model – a cyclical system designed to create a continually progressive environment. The delivery of the FPC health and safety management system is based on such a model which is followed to ensure success.

FPC Health & Safety Policy

Training, Coaching & Development

As part of our commitment to support our teams and provide a safe and inclusive work environment, we actively promote a variety of training initiatives. The aim of providing this training is to enable our teams to perform at their best.

Our team are regularly updated and reminded about on-site critical risks and health and safety hazards through a number of communication tools. These are also reinforced with our Critical Risks animated movie and Mr Safety Head’s short 30 sec animated emoji messages which are sent direct to the team.

We engage a sports physiologist and sport talent developer to support and educate our team on how to train the skills required to thrive in the complex environment of construction. The focus is encouraging an integrated approach to developing the mind, the body and the craft.

“This programme is equally important for impacting the quality of my home life as it is my work life.” – Mark Watson

The Tradie Athlete programme focuses on the wellbeing of those in a trade, in particular the longevity of their careers by educating them on the principles of longevity. The program helps physical workers reframe themselves as athletes and encourages them to adopt more productive behaviours such as optimising movement (skill), nutrition (fuel) and recovery strategies.

There are many additional ways we support the wellbeing of our team. These include:

  • Annual Wellness allowance
  • EAP services
  • Supporting national awareness campaigns including Mates in Construction, Mental Health Awareness week and Pink Shirt Day
  • Mental Health First Aid – Our workers undertake mental health first aid to help them recognise when a workmate or family member needs help and ensure they get the professional support they need.
  • Yearly fit testing and health exposure monitoring for our at risk contractors.
  • Flu vaccinations
  • Prescription safety glasses

An important part of our team philosophy is that together, we are a stronger, safer, and healthier team. Our approach to a holistically healthy workplace extends to the following: 

  • Supplying healthy food options to those working away from home 
  • Wellbeing allowances to encourage staff to participate in activities to help support their mental and physical wellbeing 
  • Physical and wellbeing coaching from a specialist provider to our staff & sub-contractors. These sessions teach people how to lift, load, carry or move around a construction site with the least impact on their body. Coaching is also provided to ensure employees understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise. 
  • We have developed our own inhouse leadership and resilience coaching program designed to improve communication and leadership skills. 
  • Occupational health awareness assessments and training. 
  • FPC also offers a range of other initiatives to our staff including access to EAP services, annual flu vaccinations and prescription safety glasses.  

Hear from our clients

  • Paul Swale

    Managing Director, Risk Prevention

    “I have had the pleasure of working closely with the team from First Principle Constructors (FPC) for over two years, on a large construction project in Tokoroa. From their sub-contractors, supervisors, safety team and management, they have been a pleasure to integrate with. Like any construction project there have been challenges, and through the ‘Sars-Cov 2 outbreak’ there have been quite a few, particularly with logistics, restrictions, isolations and some illness. FPC have been supportive and influential in all decisions relating to the project and the people on it, both through this period and now, thankfully, out the other side.

    FPC’s approach to working safely is reflective of the proactive attitude towards keeping workers free from harm, both mentally and physically. To date, this project has been without any significant incident and that is a credit to the input FPC have in respect of their duties under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.  I would thoroughly recommend FPC as a principle constructor to any client.”

  • Dean Sinton

    Director QHSE Country New Zealand, GEA

    “GEA has been working with FPC on a large project over the last 12 months and their contribution to setting and maintain a positive safety culture on the project has been significant.

    Having more than twenty sub trades and up to three hundred workers on the project at any one time can be difficult to manage in the safety area, however the combined focus of the GEA and FPC site safety teams has resulted in a project with no lost time injuries and a positive reporting culture.

    This is a result which we can all be proud to have achieved and the lessons learned in developing and managing a collaborative approach has presented a great model moving forward.”