Getting involved in the community is a pretty cool thing to do.

Through engaging in community projects or simply offering genuine support to one another, we have the opportunity to help build a more resilient and improved community.

Supplier diversity

At FPC we support supplier diversity. We are proud to work with Amotai to procure services from businesses owned by minority groups. This helps us to engage with verified Maori and Pasifika-owned businesses who can meet our needs and also levels the playing field in the construction sector.


We’re pleased to announce that FPC has embarked on a sustainability journey with Toitū Envirocare. At FPC, we believe in building not only structures but also a sustainable future for our planet and generations to come. Sustainability is not just a buzzword, it’s a real commitment to creating a better world.

We recognize the importance of helping to protect our environment and the well-being of the communities we are privileged to work and live in. By joining forces with Toitū, we are taking an important step towards this goal. We’re looking forward to working with Toitū to develop a plan to reduce our environmental footprint. From using sustainable materials to adopting energy-efficient practices, we’re committed to making a positive change. This journey towards sustainability will be an ongoing process, and we invite all our suppliers, clients, and peers to join us. Let’s work together to make a meaningful impact on our world. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this workstream with Toitū. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter, more sustainable future.

Grass roots community rugby

At FPC we like to support local communities at grassroots level, and in this case Youth Rugby. In 2023 the mighty Poneke Rugby Football Club Under 11 Taniwhas made their annual pilgrimage back to Taupō for the 2023 Junior Rugby Festival. FPC provided the team with financial support to help with travel costs and with the purchase of their new hoodies.

“The purpose of the NZ Junior Rugby Festival is to give all junior players the opportunity to participate against clubs from around the country and the world on a foundation of sportsmanship, enjoyment and friendship, all the while creating lifelong memories with their mates on tour.”Nice work Poneke Taniwhas.

Special children xmas party

At FPC, we believe in making a difference where it truly matters - in the lives of children facing extraordinary challenges. We proudly sponsor the Children’s Xmas Party and Extravaganza events, offering joy and laughter to special children who live with life-threatening illnesses, physical or intellectual impairments, those affected by domestic violence, and those living in underprivileged circumstances.

Join us in making a positive impact and be a part of these heartwarming celebrations, because every child deserves a little magic in their lives. Together, we can light up their world.

Pink shirt day

We’re proud to stand up against workplace bullying and support Pink Shirt Day, a movement that’s making a real difference. In New Zealand, one in five workers reports being bullied at work - a statistic we cannot ignore. So we’re taking a stand for kindness and aroha by participating in Pink Shirt Day. Let’s unite to end bullying and build a more inclusive, caring environment for everyone.

Get involved with us

Whether you have a passion for environmental sustainability, education, sports or the arts, there's a place for you in our community-driven initiatives. Reach out now, and let me know how FPC might be able to help your organisation.

Steve Barker, CEO
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