I would not want to work with any other builder.

Sohanjit Sharma Tetra Pak, Senior Project Manager

Project Duration

8 months duration

The challenge

To design and construct a wet process and packing facility at one of Synlait’s operational plants on an exceptionally tight deadline, without impacting on day-to-day operations. This meant maintaining the highest hygiene standards throughout all construction activities.

The end customer had just been contracted to supply a new product to a multi-national company and time was of the essence. The new plant needed to be up and running in 12 months – it was critical to meet this deadline.

The challenge

The new plant was built inside the operational factory footprint which meant tight and challenging procedures, and required ongoing collaboration and attention to detail.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought added complexity, with lockdowns, online meetings, and supply issues – all of which were handled by FPC with minimal delay and additional cost. “It was a real credit to the site team.” Jamie Short Synlait Major Projects Manager.

“FPC did what they do. A fast, responsive approach to building for us, balancing customer focus with efficiency and speed. The end result was a high-quality build, on time and meeting our expectations and those of our new product client.”

The value

FPC has a 5-year track record working with Synlait and worked in partnership on the project with Tetra Pak, which was responsible for designing and installing the process equipment for the new build.

Tetra Pak Senior Project Manager Pak Sohanjit Sharma said “I have worked with companies in New Zealand and overseas, and FPC are the best. Their unique knowledge and understanding of what the client needs means they come up with innovative ideas and can implement them. They are so driven and on to it.”