FPC brings real experience and know-how of industrial construction, which gives us the confidence we need. They understand the different quality and finishing required for different zones of the plant. We know we can trust their design and construction expertise, which was reflected in the quality of the execution in such a short timeline.

Remy Charbonnel Director of Operations and Strategic Projects, Yashili New Zealand Dairy Co.

Project Duration

6 months duration

The challenge

Pokeno-based nutritional formulated powder manufacturers, Yashili, needed to expand their plant so they could increase their capacity to process larger quantities of fresh milk. This expansion was required to be executed whilst maintaining full operation of the facility. Members of the FPC team had worked on the original plant’s construction – so Yashili knew they could be trusted to get the project done within the tight time constraints.

The solution

From planning to execution, FPC was on-the-ground and on-site making sure everything ran like clockwork. The project was already running to a tight schedule, when COVID-19 sent the country into level 4 lockdown – just 8 weeks out from the final deadline. The FPC team spent weeks meticulously planning an approach. When a slimmed-down team was finally allowed back on-site, they worked like a well-oiled machine. FPC delivered the project on time and on budget, despite the major level 4 delays.

The value: Our unsurpassed industry experience

FPC had in-depth knowledge of the existing plant, the hygienic standards of industrial dairy, high- and low-care areas, utility integration, and more. Thanks to that high level of experience, the project was delivered on-time, on-budget, and beyond expectations.

*All work was undertaken with strict adherence to Covid 19 operating conditions and procedures.