We’re a ready-now business. We need solutions fast, and FPC understands that. They worked quickly to provide options, budgets, and sketches. They live and breathe this nature of work, and we know we’ll get a good outcome every time.

Chris Tobin Group Programme Manager, Open Country Dairy

Project Duration

13 months duration

The challenge

New Zealand dairy giant, Open Country Dairy, was looking to build a new milk powder production facility in Awarua. As it was a large-scale project with a long list of stakeholders, Open Country Dairy needed a partner who could move quickly, stay flexible, and deliver in spades.

The solution

FPC hit the ground running, quickly drafting the design sketches needed to get every key stakeholder firmly on board. The construction process for the building’s eight main precast concrete walls, towering 34 metres high, was a feat of logistics and coordination. With multiple levels to contend with, the plan had to be carried out in the perfect sequence. Luckily, planning is one of FPC’s biggest strengths, and as this site was fully operational, FPC managed to complete the project whilst maintaining segregation from the production areas of the plant.

The value: Our end-to-end process

Because FPC owns the whole lifecycle – from design, through to construction – we were perfectly positioned to move quickly, flexibly, and nimbly. We laid strong foundations from the very beginning, solving challenges swiftly as they came up, and maintaining total oversight of the budget, timings, and process.